About Us

Living 2 Read

Welcome!  This blog has evolved from the book club to which we have belonged for nearly 30 years! It began in 1983 as a group of new mothers discovered our common love of reading and our need for an adult diversion. We have shared our lives through books. Members have moved, new members have joined us, some have left to attend graduate school and have returned. We have read some wonderful books and some of our best discussions come from books that some members loved and others did not! We now want to try something new, and share our diverse interests in reading. We also feel that we are learning something new and helping our aging process! We will share our thoughts on a book or an article and if you like what you have read you can pass it on to your friends. You can also let us know what you are thinking about our blogs and let us know about other great books/articles to read.

If you wonder what we've read for all these years, check our catalog.  Or visit our wikispace.