Saturday, March 14, 2009

Phryne Fisher Mysteries

I recently downloaded an audiobook, Murder in Montparnasse, assuming that it would be set in Paris. Although that was misleading, I discovered Kerry Greenwood's mystery series and it was a happy accident indeed. Phryne (pronouned "Fry-Knee") Fisher is a still beautiful, very elegant Parisian woman with a past. She was an ambulance driver during the war, made a poor choice in love, and has settled in Australia. She is surrounded by some colorful Aussie's but she brings the sophistication of Paris with her. She surrounds herself with family members and staff who rely on her, and the man who reappears, unwanted, from her past. As she conducts a love affair with an elegant Chinese man and somewhat scandalizes the place, a series of deaths begin to occur, pointing to her past.

It's never necessary to reveal the plot of a good mystery. Elegantly read by Stephanie Daniel, what makes this mystery a pleasure is Phryne. It was just great fun to spend time such a steely and independent character. I'm looking forward to more adventures with this capable, very classy heroine.

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