Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Favorites Books of 2011

It happens every year - I have trouble winnowing down my list.  The six I finally chose all appealed to me for very different reasons.

The Art of Fielding (I Love Baseball).  Chad Harbach tells a powerful story that is about far more than baseball. 
The Leftovers (What If?) - What an irresistible scenario Perrotta creates  - life after The Rapture.

The City and The City (Double Vision) - A detective story and a sci-fi novel rolled into one - the cleverest book I read all year.
American Subversive (Radical Chic)  - What if the radical underground movement of the Sixties still existed? 

A Visit from the Goon Squad (Fragments of Music) - A kaleidoscope of stories and characters that connect in unexpected ways.
Skylark (A Little Jewel) - A story of one week in the life of a simple family that touches so many universal themes.

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